From the Desk Of: Asia, Author & Creator of the Global Freedom Family
Date: July 23, 2017


Welcome to the Registration Page for the Global Freedom Family.


My name is Asia and I'm the creator and author of the Global Freedom Family Newsletter which has been traveling the cyber waves for about six years now.


I would like to explain to you a little bit about what our special Family is all about.


Global Freedom Family is an exclusive, private family of members sharing the common goal of attaining financial freedom through harnessing the power of the Internet by learning how to get from where they are to where they want to be.


Within our membership we discuss a variety of legitimate, affordable, proven, domestic and international High Yield Investment Programs, including Managed Forex Trading, Reverse Pension Plans, Network Marketing and other unique programs that just about anyone can afford.


We share information within our private Family membership about these programs and you decide what you want to do with that information.


We also share something much more important - we share the psychology of wealth, the power of positive thought and help members learn the all important, key strategies that will open the doors to the successes they desire.


The problem with many investment plans and strategies is not just that many of them are extremely volatile and prone to a short lifespan, but rather that most people haven't yet learned the formula they need to be successful.


The more serious problem is that the average person only possesses one or two of the numbers to that combination lock we call a happy, healthy and successful life, that when learned, will bring them anything they want.


Here you will learn how to find the right numbers, in the right order so that you can unlock the life of your dreams.


Because many of us simply haven't yet learned how to do it any differently when it comes to enriching our lives, many of us live month to month, just getting by, just paying the bills, just not getting far enough ahead of the game to be able to do anything more than just dream about investing or actually being in control of our futures.


If this sounds like you or someone you know, this Newsletter is definitely for you, because here you will learn how to create your future from your future, rather than from your past.


The truth is that, for many of us, the reality of investing to get ahead and have a secure financial future consists of putting a few dollars every year toward that registered retirement savings plan or an IRA or 401K plan and hoping there will be enough to live on when it comes time to retire. And most banks will only hand out loans to those who can prove that they don't really need one.


The Global Freedom Family is unique, because we are a group of real people helping each other to first of all learn how to decide to be wealthy, learn how to believe that we deserve to be wealthy and then actively pursuing everything that will cause wealth to arise within us while safely becoming involved in affordable financial freedom projects.


We take the time to do the research for you and risk our own dollars first to see if a program pays, so you don't have to.


We review projects and companies by reading discussion forums, reviewing websites, reading third-party endorsements, accessing all the reviews possible (both good and bad), and sometimes we even contact the management teams of these companies and talk directly with the project owners. We do all that we can to ensure that any programs we might be considering are investigated as thoroughly as possible.


In other words, we make every effort to go the extra mile so you don't have to!


You may be asking, "How can the Global Freedom Family help me?"


As an example, within our Global Family you will learn simple, affordable strategies for safely investing on line, plus how to have the winning attitude you need to succeed, and so much more!


Over the past six years the Global Freedom Family Newsletter has kept readers informed in great detail concerning the goings on in many different programs, helped members work through endless problems along the way, donated many thousand dollars to those less fortunate and found solutions for many readers' particular situations, all the while providing a sounding board and voice of positive strength and inspiration to all Members.


This Newsletter has a strong connection with Members in every corner of the Globe which means that anything new coming down the pike, you will usually hear about here first.


This gives the GFF Newsletter the distinct advantage of being at the head of the pack.


The Newsletter as it has evolved over the years, now contains copious amounts of valuable information that far exceeds that of just an informational resource and overview of various programs.


This Newsletter now contains years' worth of beneficial information, tips, advice and how to's that readers will find both priceless and practical whether they're new to the online investment world or seasoned veterans.


There is just one "pre-requisite" for joining this Newsletter!


ONLY Positive People Need Apply: I invite ONLY positive thinking, open-minded individuals with winning attitudes who are willing to accept 100% responsibility for each and every aspect of their lives to join our exclusive GFF Private Subscription Newsletter.


These individuals will be those who have a strong desire to tap into the strength of a positive group of people who are all willing to learn how to get from where they are to where they want to be.


GFF Newsletter members are those who realize that a simple change in thinking may be all that is necessary to positively change their lives and these Newsletter members are focused individuals who are eager and excited to embrace the strategies necessary to attain the success they desire.


Most of all GFF Newsletter Members are a positive, like-minded, world wide group of people who are determined to do what it takes to create the life of their dreams.


Your initial Membership charge for the
Global Freedom Family Newsletter is only $19.97 USD.


You will then be charged $19.97 USD per month
until you decide to cancel.


All membership charges will be paid by credit or debit card or PayPal.


If you would like to become a Global Freedom Family member, please use the link below to subscribe so that you can start tapping into the wealth of information to be found in this Newsletter and putting your life on the fast track to success.


As an added bonus, once you're a member of the Global Freedom Family, you will find out how this Newsletter itself will provide you with a lucrative, passive income source that could very well be your first "Internet" marketing success story.


Surround yourself with real people who are on their way to financial freedom right now, because as Charlie Jones (Member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame) says, "You will be the same today as you'll be in five years except for two things - the books you read and the people you meet."


Here you'll gain valuable "wealth" insight and access to the latest information about projects our Family is currently involved in, as well as world wide projects we'll learn about in the future, that can truly help you to finally attain your own financial freedom.


Nothing happens until you take action, so take positive action now!


If your ship hasn't come in yet - you need to swim out to meet it!


Join Global Freedom Family now and learn how to think the right thoughts and develop the life habits that will lead you to the success you desire, because the thoughts you think and the habits you develop from this day forward will determine how richly your future unfolds.


Thank you for visiting the Global Freedom Family. Join today by clicking either subscribe button below.


"Where success starts now!"


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Questions? Simply Contact Us!


P.S. A few GFF Member testimonials:


“FYI - Your newsletter is fabulous!  I appreciate the concise, fresh, thorough quality of your content.  I value most your willingness to share what you know with others...” – Greg in Utah


"...No one else is doing what you do providing an independent community resource of this depth for online investing...Thanks Asia. Your friend and fan.” – Tim in California


“Asia....You know how I feel about your newsletter.....More important you are a person of integrity & my only trusted source in this industry....”– Bob in Texas


“…By the way, Though many have not expressed their appreciation for your heroic dedication and pursuit of excellence in assisting so many of us in achieving our dreams, I just wanted to let you know that your efforts have certainly not been in vain. So I speak for the unspoken many who, by their silence, give mute testimony to the powerful, positive influence you have had on their lives for had it been negative, you certainly would have heard from them by now. How often we do not let others know how much they really mean to us and by this silence leave way too much room for doubt and misunderstanding to take root. Let this not be an issue here so as not to ever hinder the fruit of your hands, mind and spirit which blesses so many of us. It truly is a beautiful thing when a person discovers their God-inspired calling in life and then uses it for the benefit of their fellow man."
– Paul in Florida


"Dear Asia: Just a Thank-You for all your inspirational thoughts and for making this website available for us to prosper." - Melody in New York


Join our Family now!




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It is the responsibility of each Family member or individual to read all disclaimer information with respect to each and every investment program, and to understand that there are no guarantees that anyone will make any money with any investment program or any information shared within the Global Freedom Family network.




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